Dirty Shame By TESS OLIVER

Dirty Shame: A Bad Boy Romance (Bluefield Bad Boys Book 1) - Tess Oliver

I received this book as an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book couldn't put it down finished it
Kellan poor boy coal miner's son born on the wrong side of the track.Rylan born to the upper class.Rylan didn't see Kellan as a Trog or her a Highlander as others labled them she saw him for him.Kellan and Rylan were high school sweet heart and everthing went wrong.Rylan had been gone from Blefield for seven years.Rylan left town went to collage,and meet Chase and got engaged. Chase cheated and Rylan called off the wedding Rylan returns back home to Bluefield.Kellan went to work in the coal mines after high school.Kellan fought from time to time at The Hole.When Kellan runs into Rylan there life almost pick up where it left off when she left.Rylan's parents don't like the ideal of there daugher seeing that god aweful boy.Will her parents be able to keep them apart?