Hunter By Cordelia Blanc

HUNTER: A Bad Boy Military Romance - Cordelia Blanc

I received this book as a ARC in exchange for a Honest review.
Hunter, Sammy and Greg left for a special mission and ended up captured in Congolese P.O.W. Camp. During his five years in captivity Hunter could only think of Kyla Rose the girl he loved. Kyla was his best friend Sammy Boy's girlfriend. Kyla stayed in Hunters mind and it kept him from loosing his mind. Sammy was killed. When the news of Sammy Boy's death and American Hero. The town all turned their backs and stoned Kyla when they found out Kyla cheated on Sammy with Hunter. Kyla Rose was branded the witch of Nintipi for cheating on an America Heros.Kayla went through some much torture and hell from the towns people. Kyla went and hide for a few months in a old huntig cabin Hunter and Sammy used.Kyla meet Liam an ex marine.Kyla has been with Liam for the last 3 years.Liam lost his job and blamed Kyla because of her past.Hunter and Greg escaped. Greg had PSTD and was not the same he couldnt remember nothing but the Congo.There is so much more to this book i dont want to spoil it for you..