Vindication By Sienna Valentine

Vindication: A Motorcycle Club Romance - Sienna Valentine

I received this ARC in exchange for a Honest review
Ghost is at the Shadyside Retirement Community making a delivery to the elderly guys.Ghost bring them there playboys and a few other things contraband becuse the staff want get it for them.Ghost goes to Sid's room to get his liter for him and Bridget thinks Ghost is robbing her grandfather.Bridget vists with her grandfather and the rest of his buddies as they play cards.Ghost tries to get Bridget to go out with him she turns him down.Bridget teaches at a prestige private school. One of Bridget's students is having troubles at home.Bridget tells Ghost about her student abd they decide to help (TO FIND OUT MORE YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK).Ghost and Bridget get closer as they plan to help the student. Ghost and the Black Dog MC helped another club and there was an accident and one of there club memeber was hurt there is more to the story you got to read to find out!!!!!!!!

This is a standalone no cliffhanger

This book was one hell of a great read