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Foster: A Stepbrother Romance - Jessica Ashe

 received this book as ARC for a HONEST review and fell in love it was hard to put this book down.I read this book in just a couple of hours.It had a great story line not you typical stepbrother romance.
Foster Arrington is a lawyer with Arrington,Arrington &Hedge Law Firm.Foster is so full of him self and a little bit of a bad boy he is cocky,arrogant and a wanna be player .Foster has good looks and money.Foster is more worried about making money .Foster is a screw them a leave them wanting more a one night and one night only guy.He thinks he is so good a woman only needs to be with him once and she is ruined for any other man.
April Rodes is a summer associate law student .April is at a event for lawyers and summer associates/interns.April is in a confortation with a lawyer from the same firm she is working for during the summer. Foster see the way the guy is grabbing and mistreating April.Foster goes over and stops it and pisses the guy off and gets April fired. April and Foster have some drinks.April takes Foster back to her palce sometine she never does and has one hot night to remember.
April soon learns that her father is going to remarry and wants April to meet his girlfriend and son.April tells her father she cant come for a vist unless she gets a new job as a summer associate.Seeing she lost her other job.April get a call for a interview form Arrington,Arrington &Hedge Law Firm and so the twist and turns begin. How did she find ME?? She is all I think about for the last 8 month...........the story didn't stop hear I just dont want to spoil it but there is some hot unforgetable nights for April and Foster
Enjoy the read because I sure loved it