Felon meets Unstoppable Good Girl

Wanted: A Bad Boy Romance - Maya Hawk
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I received this book as an ARC for a in exchange for a honest review. ThE charaters are well developed and the story line keeps pulling you deeper in as you read. This book has a hot as bad boy, a twist to a mystery.I was hooked on bad boy Titan Blackstone.
Titan was getting released from prison after serving five year for avenging his mother and sisters death. Titan soon to be stepsister picks Jordana picks him up from jail. He make her uncomfortable on the ride home he was pissed because his dad Lewis couldn't take the time out of his day to pick him up. Titian though the world ended when he lost his mother and sister and there was no good left of him especially after being a felon. Lewis tells Titan he can stay with the has them for month then has to leave. Titan finds a mechanics job and co-worker tells him how he can make some extra cash fighting. Titan takes his chance with the fights so he can move faster.
Jordana has a intership to become a parol officer and help ex convicts something she has always wanted.Jordana has a big heart and wants to help convicts make a better life for them when released from jail. A fellow intern makes her fell uncomfortable and later ends up beaten to death like her brother and several others . Jordana cant keep Titan off her mind so she sneaks and criminal record and it shows he no other criminal record but him beating the guy half to death that killed his mother and sister. Jordana cant help but think about helping Titan because his father doesnt want to hlep him so she give him the keys to her brothers car that t way he can get to work.
Titan confronts Jordana about her wanting to sleep with him.She admits it and tells him how awkward it would be at holidays and he tells her he plans on not comming back. They have a wild hot fuck session while the parents are gone.Titan moves out and Jordana is mad he didn't tell her he was moving out so soon. Jordana goes to see Titan he does everything to keep her away but it doesn't work she want give up on him like Lewis. Jordana is knows Titan can be the man he wanted to be befor he went to jail.Titan doesn't think there is room in his life for love and Jordana is going to stop and nothing to prove him wrong.
Someone is beating drunks up and has even left a few dead over several years. Now more men being beaten to death. Jordana gets a little worried about Titan being the man doing the beatings because some criminal will go back to jail within 90 day for the same offience that they went to jail for the first time.She learns Titan is fighting for extra cash and that was how he was able to move out so soon.