One hot Read

Unplugged: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance - Sienna Valentine
(show spoiler)

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I was HOOKED from the first chapter.
Noah Hardly is the bad boy rock star with the band Cut Up Angels.Laurel is a journalist who goes undercover.The last show the band played Noah accidentally kills a fans by pushing him off the stage.Most of the band and the police don't believe Noah when he tells them the guy had a knife and was trying to kill his band member.The cops are building a case against Noah for murder.
The band is on break due to the accident at the last show. The band goes on break while waiting to see if anything is going to happen to Noah and look for new band members because of the Noah.Laurel is a journalist who goes undercover to get the true story. Laurel is out at going club to club looking for Noah. Laurel last club is the Graveyard.There is a shirt laying on the by a drink .Laurel decides shes had a long day in her serch for Noah and she might as well have a drink or two. She is watching the in the people in the mosh pit and notices that Noah is there in the pit listening to the band.The band stops playing the house music starts and the owner of the shirt is Noah and he offer to buy Laurel her next rournd.Neither can beleive the night they are having and they hook up. Noah and Laurel make plans to meet up again. Someting Noah never does he is a one hit and quit,he never see the same woman twice. But there is just something about Laurel they keep seeing each other for hot steamy sex and getting to know each other. Laurel goes deeper undercover and get a flash driver with a video that will help Noah prove he is innocent. Only to make Noah not want to trust her.Noah contacts his lawyer and his band that way everyone can see what is on the flashdrive. Once everyone see the truth Noah tells them just what he is going to do. Laurel is about to leave town when she gets the call that she is the only person that Noah will talk to about the accident.Laurel knows what is on the flashdrive and Noah will only tell the whole storie her the struggle of not know if he is going to prison or not and how he had to cope with life until the evidence that saved him