Rebels and Readers Authors Event 2015 and Goodies for homegroup

Omg I had so much fun and meet so many great authors. I got lots of swag and a few books not as many as I would have love to have gotten money was tight and my dog had eaten my bank card and it did't come in till Monday. Which sucked for me. But I still had a great time. I picked up a friend and took her Sunday. The extra swag and stuff i received im going to do stuff for my book groups the ladies are excited.We have put off meeting until after the holidays are over. But I have given them a challenge.This is a group of friend who no longer beleive social media thoses that have a kindle or nook come to my house to us my WIFI to download there books when they dont do it at someone eals home.



                           FOR THOSE THAT WANT THAT PRIZE  

1.For a chance in the drawing for  a $5.00 Amazon gift card I would like to see 10 reviews

2.For a chance in the drawing for a (Signed Copie of Naked Came The Trio)I would like to see 10 reviews