So Trashy: Bad Boy Next Door - Kelley Harvey, Valorie Clifton
  1. I recived this ARC for an honest review..Im not sure if I can word this review just right but this is a great read and ive been letting my friends know all about it.I couldnt put this book down lots of action

    Damn does Lou give Buck a run for the money. Buck left town and went to Hollywood and it broke Lou. Lou went and became a Marine. Lou comes home to help her aunt Delores that helped raise her because her mom was a junkie and a ho and her dad was a pimp.
    Buck is back in town filming a reality tv show.Lou goes to try and get a job and Buck just so happens to be there and (Omg I could just picture it i started LOL and my family was like wtf im like sorry im reading) he is like oh hell no not my Lou.Lou and Buck make a deal so Lou can help fix her aunts Delores house. Buck has a wacko for a stalker. Lou tries so hard to keep from falling for Buck ,again and possibly getting her heart broken all over again.
    With this book you get some hot sex a bad girl/boy, a stalker you even get a secret you got read to find that out