Pulse: A Stepbrother Romance

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First I was given this book as a ARC for a HONEST review.LOVED IT

UHG,and that (UGH) not in a bad way I just want to give this book the justice think it deserves in my opinion.
Oh how i didnt want to put this book down.This is not like all the other stepbrother romances out there.
The characters are well developed,and the sex scenes are hot.The sexual tension is so tight between these two you could
cut it with a knife.I liked that
Pulse,start with a bang and .Leah and Chris first lock eyes outside on the street the night Chris watch as his friend lie dying and Leah catches her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend.The following night Leah goes out with her friend Tyra looking for rebound sex or just a one night stand and Chris is just that man. Leah and Chris live in the city .They meet again unexpectanly at there parents up comming wedding in the county.That's when Leah told Chris he was to dangerous and she could see him.
Leah 's dad Jerry offers Chris a job because he gave up alot when his father died to help his mom take care of his family.Chris turns him down because he doesnt want to leave the city because Chris is trying to get his mark in the music industry started .Chris works in a warehouse .Chris's friends are kinda a gang they also work at the warehouse and they are some shadey characters .
Leah is a third year performing arts student at NYU. Leah wants to pressue a acting career.Leah and Chris run itno each other at starbucks and start to chat and get to know each other.Chris tell Leah his passion for creating music and that she heard it at his place and she was in aww about it she told him she would love to have it for her playlist she enjoyed she never heard nothing like it befor.
Leah invites Chris to a party her friend are thrownig for her. Chris goes to the party (pisses off his gang because he is a no show when he is suppose to be with them).Chris meets some of Leah's friends.Leah gets the lead in the play.Leah and Chris start spending a lot of time together.He helps her run her line for the play.
Leah and her friends help Chris with his music.Chris decides his job at the warehouse and hanging with the gang is not the right life he needs ,so he quites his job and stops hanging with the gang.
Leah gets Chris a job playing his music a party for a lot of people and one thing leads to another and talks about good night. Leah and Chris relationship starts there.
Chris and Leah get attacked by the gang one night.Leah tells Chris she can nolonger see him..Things start to go down hill once Leah stop talking to him after the attack so did everyone eals.So Chris had no choice but to call his mother Mary and tells her about him and Leah. Tells his mom he quite his job and stoped hanging aroud with the gang and was wanting to know if Jerry still had that job to offer him...
Leah gets she has always dreamed of but never thought would come so soon. Leah goes to see Chris there was someone the party Chris play his music at that has been trying to get a hold of him. Leah wanted to give him the info in person because she was happy for him ,and also wanted to tell him her news to.
There is so much to this book i enjoyed I cant wait to read more books by D.G.Whiskey